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  • How much hair will I need?
    For a full install we suggest at least 3 bundles each bundle is 3.5 oz we recommend at least 4 bundles for inches 22 and up.
  • What color does it come in?
    Virgin hair comes in the natural color which is about 1b-2 (bundles may have some shades and tones of brown) as well. We also offer 1b/27 and 1b/30
  • What inches are offered?
    We offer inches 10-34 inches on natural hair color and 12-24 inches in color hair
  • How can I see more pictures of the hair?
    We have many customer pics on our social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram @hairbybellebree or you can view more on our site on our photos page.
  • Will the hair shed?
    Yes, you may experience some shedding which is normal. However with the use of weft sealant and proper maintenance shedding is reduced to a minimal.
  • Does the company offer wholesale?
    No im sorry we do not
  • Do you ship internationally?
    We do ship to some areas outside of the USA and Canada please contact us via email for info and shipping prices.
  • How long is shipping?
    For USA orders shipping is 5-7 business days and for Canada 7-10 business days * Please be advised all orders have a 2 day processing please review conformation email for full details
  • How much is shipping and is signature required ?
    USA shipping may vary price can be seen at checkout. Canada Shipping is $35 all shipping has insurance included for all hair orders. If free shipping is offered there is no cost to USA orders Canada shipping is $25. An invoice for Canada shipping is sent shortly after order is received. Signature is required on all hair orders
  • What if I’m receiving an error message during checkout stating AVS?
    If you are receiving this message then your billing information is not matching with what your card company has on file. Please make sure you’re billing address and zip code match with info for the card you are using.
  • Can I use a different shipping address for my order?
    All orders through must be shipped to the billing address
  • I am a return customer how do I receive my 10% off code?
    Please email us @ the day you want to make a new purchase as codes change daily.
  • Can hair be colored?
    Yes, hair can be colored. Please keep in mind once hair has been processed it is no longer considered virgin hair as chemicals have now been added. This may also change the texture of the hair. Please consult with a licensed cosmetologist.
  • What is your return policy?
    Once an order has shipped there are no returns. However you my exchange (fee may be applied) or receive store credit.
  • How can I contact the company about my order?
    We can be contacted by email which is the fastest form of communication @ most emails are answered within 2 hours between 8am-8pm est. We may also be contacted by phone @ (404) 539-7602 from 8am-8pm est.
  • Where is the hair being shipped from?
    All orders are shipped from Atlanta, GA
  • I stay in the Atlanta area can I pick up hair?
    We do not offer pickup orders.
  • Do you offer express shipping ?
    Yes, however all express orders are by invoice only you cannot order express from the website. Express is only on select textures and inches please email customer service for availability and to place order.
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